Shoot & Share 2018!

Shoot & Share... If you're a photographer, you'll know all about it! If you're not, let me explain!

Shoot and Share is the world's largest photo competition. Entrants from all around the world enter their images into 25 different categories. Once the competition goes live, There are twelve brutal rounds where voters are asked to choose their favourite image from a grid of four. 

This year, over 40,000 talented photographers entered over 400,000 images into the contest. Over the course of a month, voters chose their favourite images during the twelve rounds. More than 80 MILLION votes were cast over the course of the competition!

This year was my first time entering. I was not prepared at all, and haphazardly threw together a collection of my favourite recent images. Agonisingly, while the competition is running, you have NO IDEA which images are still in, unless you're lucky to stumble upon one of your own, or someone you know spots one. 

A screenshot from round 11 of the competition - a friend sent me this to let me know I was still in!

A screenshot from round 11 of the competition - a friend sent me this to let me know I was still in!


Amazingly, a total of 15 out of the 50 images I entered made it into the ranked section of the competition. I had two images place in the top 10%, seven images place in the top 20%, and six images place in the top 30% of the competition. Not bad considering some of those categories had over 25,000 images to choose from!

Below are my best performing images. Interestingly, I seemed to go quite well in the phone photography category, with 5 of my images that made it to the ranked section placing in that category! I guess I know where my strengths lie now 😉

Today, I’m participating in a blog loop with some of my amazingly talented friends, who also entered this year's Shoot & Share competition! Next, is Aubrey. Click HERE to read her post, and keep clicking through until you end up back here! 🧡