Project Something Beautiful - Balance

I'm part of a wonderful group of talented photographers. We met through instagram, and although we are spread right across the globe, we bond through our love of photography, particularly emotive imagery. Through those connections, a wonderful concept was formed: Project Something Beautiful. The idea is to take one word each month, and explore the meaning behind that word through photography.

This month, our word is BALANCE. Balance is such an important word to me. It's personal. Finding balance within my own mental health has been, and is, an ongoing goal. For me particularly, unless I feel balanced within, I can never feel balanced in any aspect of my life. Now juggling motherhood, a part-time job and a full-time photography business, it's more important than ever that I put measures in place to establish balance.

Some days, it really does feel as though you're just surviving. When things are a little rough, just getting to the end of the day feels like a victory. But I don't want to live like that. It doesn't nourish my soul. For me, having "me time" helps me find that balance I so desperately crave. and luckily for me, having the opportunity to create is the perfect way to get that "me time" in. Taking and editing photos of my boys helps me grow creatively and is a perfect way to spend quality time together. 

So for now, I'll just keep on doing the things I'm doing. Trying to balance out my life as best I can, eating healthy, staying active, surrounding myself with the people that mean the most to me. My quest for balance is a work in progress, but then, so am I! 🧡

Today I'm participating in a blog loop with some of my dear friends. To see how we all interpreted the word BALANCE, head over to Thuvan's blog and follow the loop until you end up back here. Happy reading!

Mama + Remy {freelensed self-portrait} 

Mama + Remy {freelensed self-portrait} 

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