Golden Hour by the Lake

It's no secret that for many photographers, the favoured time to shoot is that glorious last hour of the day. And for good reason! The light is softer and more luminous, with a beautiful yellow hue (hence the term "golden hour"). 

Lately, the sunsets have been particularly spectacular. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of this beautiful light and took my littles down to the lake for a quick session. I knew we only had around 15 minutes to play with, the sun was already hanging low in the sky. 

I'm not a fan of overly-posed images, and there's no way my boys would sit still for long enough! So I let them do their thing while I followed them around with my camera, snapping shots here and there. 

Below is a selection of my fave images. The boys are wearing the CUTEST overalls, hand made for me by my beautiful friend Melia. Feel free to check out her gorgeous feed on instagram (she's a boy mama just like me!). 

Boys at the lake-1.jpg
Boys at the lake-11.jpg