Project Something Beautiful: Rejection

I'm part of a wonderful group of talented photographers. We all met through instagram, and although we are spread right across the globe, we bond through our love of photography, particularly emotive imagery.

Through those connections, a wonderful concept was formed: Project Something Beautiful. The idea is to take one emotive word each month, and explore the meaning behind that word through photography. I'm a firm believer in nourishing your soul by doing what you love. For me, it's important to have personal photography projects as well as professional goals, so the idea of writing a post each month and exploring different concepts to help me grow, really appeals to me.

This month, our word is rejection. It's a tough one, one that makes you feel uneasy in the stomach when you hear it, because at some point we've all been through it and it's never a pleasant feeling. Putting yourself out there can be terrifying, and when you're not successful, it can be truly heart breaking.

I could write a long piece full of pretty words, but truly I don't think I need to. So this one's for all of you out there that put your heart on the line for a romance, but were rejected. Those of you who have tried for months or years to find employment but keep getting knocked back. Those who have reached out to someone they care for, only to have that person turn their back. Those who tried to fit in at school but just never could. Those who get up every single day, only to get knocked down again.

I'm with you. I feel you. I'm here for you. Keep on keeping on, because one day you'll get to that place you've been trying to get to, and when you do it'll feel amazing.

Suzi x

{If you'd like to the see work of my amazingly talented friends on this subject, simply head over to Maranda's blog and view her photos, then follow her link to the next blog, and so on!}